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Noise Solutions Appoints Two Key Executive Roles

Noise Solutions Inc., the leading North American provider of engineered noise suppression equipment for the oil and gas sector announces the appointment of two new roles to the executive team. Steve Morgan has been appointed Executive Vice President and Ryan Russell has been appointed Director Quality Control.

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The Missed Intent of Noise Regulations

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In spite of the good intentions that motivate the development of industrial noise regulations, the reality is that these regulations frequently fall short of meeting their fundamental goals.

For residents living near industrial operations, the added noise can have a very damaging impact on quality of life. It only makes sense for regulatory bodies to attempt to mitigate this impact by imposing certain noise standards on Industry that will promote a balance between the productivity of industrial operations and the wellbeing of the surrounding community.

Ultimately, the purpose behind a noise regulation is to ensure that the noise generated by an industrial presence has minimal negative impact on the quality of life of those in the community.

However, like so many well-intentioned environmental policies, the theory behind noise regulations is solid, but something integral to their success is lost in practice. This discrepancy is due, in no small part, to the misunderstanding that surrounds the two primary types of noise regulations: Property-Line-Based Regulations (PLBRs) and Receiver-Based Regulations (RBRs).

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