Sound Wall Solution

sound wall

Sound Wall Solution

20160914_084848_compressedNoise Solutions recently installed a sound wall at a facility near New Castle, Pennsylvania. The client did not have a required noise target, but wanted to be a good neighbor. In order to do that they decided to follow the FERC guideline of 55 dBA ldn at any nearby sensitive area (NSA). In this case the NSA was a close resident only 656’ SSE away.



20160914_065458_compressedThe client chose to build a noise wall and contacted Noise Solutions to assist. The wall was shipped as pre-assembled sections, erected on piles. The install was completed in 4 days with piles included.


20160914_084611_compressedIf your facility is in need of noise attenuation similar to this project, or any noise attenuation, contact us. We can be reached by calling 1-877-NO-NOISE or e-mail [email protected] to discuss your project needs.

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