Noise Suppression Blueprint

Noise Solutions is a full-service company offering superior products and services that work together to effectively attenuate industrial noise. It starts with our four-step Noise Suppression Blueprint™ and ends with unparalleled, cost-effective results.

The Process

  1. Analyze Facility Noise
    Skilled acoustic technicians perform a detailed engineered Noise Impact Assessment to determine the contributing noise at your facility and recommend the most effective, economical and compliant solution.
  2. Engineer and Design Effective Solutions 
    Our commitment to research, development and innovation ensures Noise Solutions continues to set the industry standard and the most effective, efficient and accurate choice.
  3. Manufacture to Highest Standards
    Our manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States enable quality fabrication and on-time delivery anywhere in North America.
  4. Professional Installation
    Our experienced and certified field crews ensure installations are safe and efficient with guaranteed results.

Noise Suppression Blueprint is a Registered Trademark in Canada and the United States.