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“It was fairly smooth working with Noise Solutions throughout the entire project and I would absolutely recommend them to other companies…. As far as I know, Noise Solutions is the best in the industry… and they helped us achieve a zero noise add.”

Our operators were telling me later, when you stand outside the door in that building on the platform you couldn’t tell whether the compressor was running or not. So that’s pretty fantastic, really!”

Joe MacLean, Former Facilities Engineer
Hunt Oil Company 


"I've been wanting to say "thanks" for the excellent work your Noise Solutions Team did in reducing the sound levels throughout the Shuttle Crawler Transporters. We had the opportunity to roll Shuttle Atlantis to the launch pad twice and I had the opportunity to experience first-hand the reduced noise levels due to your new Mufflers & Acoustical Ventilation Systems"

Perry L. Becker Chief, Shuttle Ground Structural Systems Branch Mechanical Division Engineering Directorate
NASA Kennedy Space Centre


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So you know all about the importance of mitigating noise pollution and protecting your employees and neighbours from harmful… [more]

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